Horseback Riding on the Nicaraguan Coast

Can you imagine riding along a stunning Nicaraguan beach at sunset? For decades the movies have shown us how beautiful this one-of-a-kind experience is. Now it’s yours, just a short walk from your Nicaraguan vacation home away from home, Nicasita.

It’s not just beaches, though. For a completely different experience, take a guided ride up through mountain trails. We’re talking about building lifetime memories here.

Horseback riding here on the west coast of Nicaragua costs just a fraction of what you’d pay in the United States or Europe. Prices for guided rides are generally $20 per hour, per horse. Typical rides are an hour-long, but extended tours are available.

Bring your kids, too. Infants can ride with their parents, but children will ride their own horses. There aren’t any riding helmets here, so if you want those be sure to pack them.

Have questions about horseback riding here? Just let us know! Our property manager offers a full concierge service to make your trips easy.

We want your stay at Nicasita to be magical, and adding horseback riding to your Nicaraguan vacation plans might just be the perfect addition.