Surf Nicasita, Your Nicaraguan Vacation Destination

Want to surf Nicaragua? Who could blame you?! For experienced surfers, and those of you just looking to learn, staying at Nicasita offers a number of advantages.

Regional surf spots are loved by pros and beginners alike. These include sand-bottomed beach breaks, lava reefs, and points and even a cobblestone peak. Most of our waves tend to be fast and hollow, so if you like to get barreled, Nicaragua is the place for you. And from Nicasita, you won’t even need transportation to reach two idyllic spots, Playa Colorado and Panga Drop.

Playa Colorado

If you want to get barreled, Playa Colorado is the place to visit in Nicaragua. The secret is out and you won’t be surfing this spot alone. If it turns on, you will likely get one of the best barrels of your life.

The only direct access to Playa Colorado is from inside Hacienda Iguana or by boat, which makes your stay at Nicasita perfect. This wave can work on all tides, frequently changes personalities, and can dish out a beating. Get ready.

Given the draw of this private Nicaraguan surf spot, you’ll want to keep an eye out for boats, walkers, and eager surf-trippers who may all paddle out and sit right next to you. We love Playa Colorado and know you will, too!

Panga Drop

You won’t want to miss Panga Drop, either. At this surf spot, you’ll find a solid wave across all of the criteria. Whatever your skill level, at any tide, or any swell direction, you can enjoy it.

Located a quick walk north from Playa Colorado, access is the same and Nicasita is right there. This wave is a deep-water, horseshoe reef which magnifies swell and produces shifty lefts and rights. This Nicaraguan surf spot holds every swell size and can be surfed every day of the year.

Nicaragua West Coast Water Temperatures

Water temps in late April-November are generally nice and warm, hovering around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 Celcius). January, February, and March are when we see the coolest water temps (and these dips in temperatures are generally only the case for the southern part of the Pacific coast).

Believe it or not, water temps during this timeframe can be anywhere from the lower 60’s to mid 70’s Fahrenheit (mid-teens to low twenties, Celcius).  This is due to strong offshore winds and the upwelling of the deep cool water.

If you’re coming to Nicaragua during this timeframe you should come prepared for cooler temps. Most of the time a long-sleeved top will suffice (it’s still 85 degrees Fahrenheit air temperature) and rarely you’ll need a wetsuit.

Your Surf Vacation

Now you know where to stay for your surf vacation in Nicaragua. We’ll be glad to help you find lessons, rental equipment or pretty much anything else you might need during your stay at Nicasita. Our property manager offers a full concierge service, or contact some of the folks we recommend here to book your trips directly.